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The great love: steak

Since I currently have to eat a lactose-free diet, I quickly thought of another classic for dinner: steak with roasted vegetables. What could be better than a good fillet of beef steak and tender vegetables braised in the oven? Nothing is so simple and at the same time so delicious. Everyone can do that. I could eat sweet potatoes out of the oven every day.

I always season them with raisins and maple syrup. That gives the whole thing such a tasty sweetness and it is said that all flavors should actually appear in a dish. I can only recommend everyone to try it out. But that wasn’t all about spices. Then there are chilli, olive oil, sea salt, pepper from the mill – preferably cubeb pepper, which I have from New York from Spices and Tease – and my favorite spice mixture Tajine Marrakech from Herbaria. And now mix the peeled sweet potatoes, cut into wedges, with the spices and oil, add a little onion and, if you like, a lemon, then put everything on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and put in the oven at approx. 180 ° C. This can now take time depending on the oven and portion size. Just keep checking back. It’s done when the raisins are nice and thick and translucent and the sweet potatoes have turned a dark, juicy orange and are soft but not mushy. By the way, my raisins this time were very crispy and almost more like caramel. Next time juicy raisins again.

In the meantime, the steak should have been taken out of the refrigerator and brought to room temperature. For the steak a pan with a little frying oil – important no olive oil! – or other frying fat and then fry the steak evenly on each side, depending on the cooking setting. Since I like my steak “medium rare”, ie with a raw core, I usually sear a steak about 3 cm thick for three minutes on each side. Then wrap in aluminum foil and put in the oven. It is important that the oven no longer heats up to 180 ° C, less so and that the steak rest in the oven for a few minutes. But how everyone likes their steak is up to you and then simply fry less or longer in the pan. But you should never serve your good meat “well done”.

Then unpack the steak and serve on the preheated plate with the sweet potatoes. A little parsley is healthy and gives color, as well as sprinkle salt and fresh pepper over it and serve.

Of course, if you still have pumpkin, peppers or potatoes, you can put them on the baking sheet. And those who are not lactose allergic can also make a delicious dip with a little quark, cream, crème fraîche and spices.

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