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Please a T (ee).

Today there is tea. Because tea makes fun. And this not only makes you beautiful, but is also very tasty. The name also fits the weather: “Miss Gray” from Tree of Tea . It is the classic English breakfast tea, which has been lovingly refined with floral aromas and makes you forget that it is one of those dreary gray winter days when you don’t really want to leave the bed for the day with a cup of tea and a good one Spend series. Because, contrary to the name, “Miss Gray” tastes of springtime and lightness and delicate flowers and immediately I see magnolias in front of me, their pink and white flowers glow and I have the feeling that rays of the sun are caressing my face.

But like all black tea, it naturally makes you wake up wonderfully – an extremely important factor for me as a non-coffee drinker. The packaging is of course always an important factor. This one is very successful and underlines the feeling of spring with its colorful leaves on the can. The first can is empty and the other varieties will definitely be tested now, just to get a little closer to spring and forget about winter.

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