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Djahé – the new ginger lemonade based on an Indonesian family recipe

Djahé means ginger in Indonesian and ginger is also the main ingredient in the new lemonade from Düsseldorf. Justin Darmawan, the maker of the new soft drink, comes from an Indonesian family who ran an Indonesian restaurant in Cologne for a long time. In this restaurant the recipe was developed by Djahé and was very well received by guests. This popularity has motivated Justin, who is currently still studying logistics in Lemgo, to professionally produce the lemonade and sell it in bottles.

Djahé has been available since March this year – but only in selected restaurants in Cologne and Düsseldorf for the time being. We have listed for you in which restaurants the Limo is available exactly.

Hot and refreshing

I was allowed to try the lemonade right after the first production was completed and was immediately enthusiastic. The ginger content of the lemonade is around seven percent, which means that the taste of the root is very dominant. Since I’m a big ginger fan, I found this strong taste very good. The drink tastes healthy and invigorating. Since only organic ingredients are used to make Djahé, it is also quite healthy for a lemonade – apart from the sugar it contains. Due to the spiciness, the soda is also refreshing and encouraging.

Now that the various mate lemonades have passed their trend zenith, Djahé offers a welcome change from Bionade, provisions and Co. We will see whether the lemonade from Düsseldorf will find its way to Berlin in time for the open-air season.

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