‘Good food must first please the senses—all the senses—to become divine cuisine.’


The Indian people, their traditions, their festivals, their lifestyles and their cuisine is steeped in glorious history.


At Shahnaz, we capture a little of everything and serve you the best of the Indian delicacies.


Our Indian fare is prepared traditionally and is delicately spiced, contrary to popular thinking that all Indian food is hot and spicy.

We use a light hand with the herbs and spices to enhance the flavours of our food and not overcome them.

If you desire added spices, please ask for it to suit your personal taste.


This meticulously prepared menu of Indian favourites is conjured with the English palate in mind.


Anytime is a good time to celebrate at Shahnaz.


Come, be our guest.


Shahnaz is a family restaurant and we are very proud of it.


Our customer satisfaction is our success.























Our food does not contain any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

All food is freshly prepared on our premises after being ordered.

Our chef can prepare any dish to your own taste.



ALLERGIES: If you suffer from an allergy please inform a member of staff.


We cater for outdoor & indoor events (140 Seater Capacity).


The management reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without giving any reasons.

We accept all major credit cards & cheques with a valid bankers card. Minimum order £10.


LUNCH 12.00-2.30 PM

EVENING 5.30-11.30





The building which now is the home of the ‘Shahnaz Indian Restaurant’ at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge has had a number of uses since being built in the 1900′s by Burnell Brothers. Operating first as a garage, the building was home to thirty tractors for a food production scheme started during the first world war, and the Burnell Brothers; Arthur, Leonard, William and Lawrence and their sister Flossie were supplies of petrol to the British Army.


Behind the garage was a generator which provided the villages first electricity supply, and two gas engines which provided the villages domestic and street light gas, made from anthracite on the premises.


As tourism took off the garage became home to the Burnell Brothers fleet of charabanc coaches, and car bodies were made there with the aid of local carpenter John Scourth.


From Burnell Brothers, ownership of the building past to Doug Gough, the grandson of the discoverer of Gough’s Cave, Richard Gough. It was then sold to a Mr Nicholson who owned Regal Cinema in Wells and he ran it as a garage, before it was taken over by his son James Nicholson, who ran it as a garage offering car sales, petrol and showed vintage motor cars.


He then turned the building into a shopping centre with individual stalls, along with the Penny Farthing Cafe and eventually the garage was sold off in different lots to wholesalers Charles Of Cheddar and Shaun Abrahams, who opened a gift emporium. Abdul Hashim, better known as Hash, opened the Orchid Indian Restaurant in the cafe premises.


As all the other businesses relocated to other sites, the premises were bought who with his brother Salim, as chef, then spent four years giving the old neglected garage a remarkable new lease of life. The £750,000 conversion of the Burnells Garage into the Shahnaz Indian Restaurant, a 140 plus seats Indian Gourmet Cuisine establishment, bringing the building firmly into the 21st century. The building re-opened on Festive Night 2006. A wine bar on the ground floor sits where the cars use to fill with petrol, and an open plan restaurant is on a new floor installed above, where the Burnell Brothers once kept their ledgers.


Our thanks go out to Rose Tinknell and Graham Burnell for their help in compiling this article.